Dark Harvest: Version 0.1.4 released!

Today version 0.1.4 released of the game, this is a very hero focused release.

This update brings no new gameplay but will make all ten the heroes playable.  There are some small changes visible for the next update which will bring a lot more content to the game.

Better hair

The game now has TemporalAA enabled which makes the hair look a lot better.

Try now!

You can now see if a hero fits your playstyle and if you want to buy it, by trying it out first.

When you select an hero you do not own, you will get a Try Now Button.

when you select "Try out" you can try the hero out for 10 minutes, you will see how long you have left.

If the timer runs out you will automatically go back to the main menu, but your progress will be saved so when you buy the hero you can continue where you left off. 

With this option you can now be more sure that the hero you want is the hero you love to play.

Try this option our for yourself, by downloading and playing the game.

New Heroes

This update makes all the heroes playable, there where already five heroes playable before.  Two free heroes and three premium heroes.
And today five premium heroes are added to that.


Belica is a ranged hero that is now playable.


Muriel is a ranged hero that is now playable.


Phase is a ranged hero that is now playable.


Serath is a melee hero that is now playable.


Wukon is a melee hero that is now playable.

The Store

The store got a small update, every store item now has a an icon with the hero and skin.

This make searching for the correct skin a lot easier.


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Nov 22, 2018

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